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Melday is a gifted singer/songwriter with a bend toward soul-infected, RnB-oriented Pop. Though her releases to date can be counted on one hand, Mel has shown that she’s not here to be defined by numbers. 


The 23 year old woman from Switzerland thrives on getting involved in the international music scene. Her upcoming sounds aim to have powerful, catchy and magical sounds but with an unconventional approach. Since the purpose behind her music is to touch as many hearts as possible on our little big planet. 




Anina Kühnis aka Melday started taking singing lessons when she was 11. The songwriter attended piano lessons for over 7 years. Therefore the majority of her song sketches were created on the piano. In 2018 she successfully completed her preliminary studies in pop / vocal at the Zurich University of the Arts. In May 2019 MELDAY released her second single “Greatest Torture” which after a few weeks already generated over 400,000 streams. In addition to the MyCokeMusic Soundcheck 2019, she released her Debut EP, Stand Or Fall, in April 2020, with the result that MELDAY was named SRF 3 Best Talent in May 2020.

© 2020 by Anina Kühnis. Photo by Flavio Leone.