"Ballerina", the first song of her EP "Stand Or Fall" is now out on all platforms. Dedicated to her past experiences as a woman, she vents her bottled-up feelings and fills the EP with an explosion of grief, empowerment, and the statement "Stand Or Fall".


Meaning, the world is supposed to work together. To appreciate the strengths of a woman and simultaneously strengthen the weakness of her by his powerfulness. Injustice regarding men is the tip of the iceberg. its time to dive right into it, where all the mysteries began and the tabooed stories of each and every victimized woman rest. Lets run the world hand in hand. 

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Credits for "Ballerina"


 Songwriter: MELDAY // Mixing Engineer: Nemesyzz Rigby // Mastering: «Sti» Stefan Buchenauer // Studio, Producer: Knockout Studios, Mauro Guggenbühler




Filmmaker: Dylan Moore // Edit: Sam Jorden // Dance Performance: Camilla Galla, Sarafina Beck // Actor: David Oberholzer // Support: Art4um CEO Foschky Pueta, Yang Buddha // Directed by MELDAY


Big Thanks to the ones that supported me financially on the Crowdify Project!


Financial Support: Zürcher Popkredit + Kulturdünger 

Composer: Alex Pray